What you will get at VPAOnline

  • One-to-one lessons at your convenience
  • A range of courses for every need
  • Online assessment tests to check your level
  • Customized training to suit your level and needs
  • World-class trainers who can work with you at every level
  • Improvement in listening, speaking, reading and writing
  • Instant feedback and evaluation
  • Course material and practice exercises
  • Daily class reports
  • Course completion performance reports
  • Certificate on course completion in a soft copy
  • Mid-term and End-term assessments

Above all you will be able to express yourself in English language fluently and will be able to impress people!

Valuepoint Academy demonstrates its commitment to using quality English language teaching materials by entering the Oxford Quality Programme Valuepoint Academy benefits from a range of quality educational services by entering the Oxford Quality Programme By "Oxford University Press"

Valuepoint Academy has entered the Oxford Quality Programme, an agreement between Valuepoint Academy and Oxford University Press on the provision of educational materials and services.