1. What is the duration of each class?

A. Each lesson is for one hour.

2. What is the curriculum?

A. VPAOnline offers 7 different courses to our students based on their levels and need.
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3. How is taking an online course different from classroom instruction?

A: Online learning offers flexibility in today's fast-paced world. You can study and learn English online at your own pace, in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.

4. How do I choose a right course for my self?

A. By registering on VPAOnline and taking an entry test. Once you register a counsellor will execute an entry test with you. Registration Form

5. How English courses are conducted on VPAOnline?

A. Click here for more details

6. Once I enroll for the online classes, how long is the package valid?

If a period of 6 months elapses with no activity, your account will close and any unused lessons will be forfeited. After 6 months, discount policy of VPAOnline is not applicable. The student will be considered as a fresh enrollment. VPAOnline Policy Guide

7. Do I need a high-speed connection?

A: Yes it would be preferable to have a high-speed connection.

8. Do I need to download any special computer programs?

A: Yes you will need to download Skype. To download this program, please visit the following Web site: http://www.skype.com/download/ . Skype is a software application that lets you talk over the Internet for free. Skype is very easy to download. The sound quality is excellent. It is as clear as a telephone conversation and in most cases better.

9. What hardware accessories do I need?

A: You will need a headset with a built in microphone and a web camera.

10. What are the methods of payment?

Payments are done through safe and secured payment gateway. Please click here to see the details.